When are we going to get an update? Need a clear answer

It has been a week without any update after this tvOS 15 disaster, NOTHING is working, no framerate matching, no HDR. On top of that playback is utterly unbearable.

The fact that there are already so many threads discussing about this with so little involvement from the customer service and devs is just totally unacceptable.

I want a clear answer on this:

Is there a fix coming anytime soon?

We need to know how much longer it’s gonna take, if not,

How can I get a refund?


Welcome tomz,

For me TVOS15 and infuse 7 work perfectly.
Frame Rate matching - Working as usual
HDR - Working as usual

Not sure what your problem is maybe you should be more specific.

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Welcome to the forum!

Sorry you’re having problems.

The threads where OS15 is suspected of being a problem have been tagged as “researching”. The devs are actively investigating this but when it’s not an issue that affects everyone they have to first try and duplicate the problems and then solve them.

Another variable that the devs can’t control is if Apple releases a patch for OS15 that may solve the problem it introduced in 15. It can be a “moving target” after a major release of the OS. That along with the multitude of different AV equipment that users have and combine differently may make some problems hard to duplicate.

I too and not seeing any issues with HDR or frame rate matching and playback for me has been problem free.

As @bhampster said, if you’re having specific problems it would help to have a bit more info on what you’re experiencing and what type of files (resolution, container, etc) you’re seeing this on. Also what device/model as well as connection protocol and method (WiFi or Ethernet) may help.

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