What's the Status of Vp9 HDR@60fps?

Hey all: I was curious as to what the support status for Infuse is for Vp9 video at 4k@60 with HDR.
Since the Apple TV doesn’t support range matching for YouTube currently, I’ve decided to download the videos and play them offline with the ATV. To a degree, Plex can do this, but it’s not perfect. When I’ve tried in Infuse, the video does play, but doesn’t switch the TV to HDR.

I am doing this on an ATV 4K (2021)
Settings are as follows:

output resolution: 4K/SDR
with match framerate and range both enabled.

The format of the files I’m playing is a direct unaltered download using “Downie 4” to grab the files from YouTube, and they are in a WebM container with Vp9 (HDR) for video codec and Opus (stereo) for audio. So far, the only way I’ve gotten these files to play perfectly in HDR from YouTube, or locally (with Plex) is to play them using a Roku Ultra (model 4800) same setup. I would like to use the Apple TV as my primary streamer, however, unless I’m missing something this doesn’t seem too be possible until Vp9 support is improved in Infuse, Plex, or even YouTube itself on the Apple TV platform.

The Apple TV will does not currently support HDR output for these videos.

Infuse can play them, but the colors will be tone-mapped and output will be in SDR.

Thanks James, I was under that impression as well. I was curious because Plex is able to recognize them as HDR, and switch the TV automatically, but they don’t play completely smooth, there is some minimal to somewhat significant stutter. It’s random. I’ve heard mixed feedback from different people that’s why I asked. Some say the A12 supports Vp9 @60 (including HDR), but my own results say yes, but not fully stable. Anyway thanks again.

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