Whats the easist way to "just play a video" - what app?

I have an Apple TV with aTV Flash installed all updated. I’m fine with all the add ons etc, but the way I was alowed to buy an Appel TV in the 1st place off the wife was how easy it was even for her to play a movie!

So I have XBMC.Boxee etc, all too complicated for the wife to use, I would love to use in thebuily Apple TV interface as such, eg movies/TV shows etc, but I have a lot of video in non Apple TV format on a NAS, and so decided to buy aTV Flash.

So what app is the easist to play video, nitoTV? ATV files etc, please suggest and help

on a side note whats best way to convert to Aple TV video format of the stuff i’ve got? Handbrake? I have access to a Mac and have Boot Camp with XP on.


nitoTV will be the most flexible app to use. There is a video demo of playing video files (including DVDs) here: http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=Playing_Video