What's the difference between FTP, UPnP, SMB

Good Morning,

I would like to use Infuse Pro 5 on my Apple TV 4k for showing movies on my Diskstation DS213+ but the problem is I have to choose between FTP, UPnP, SMB…

What is the difference? and What is better in my case ?

Thank you very much.


I am also using Synology Diskstation. If you want to share your video library I would recommend you to use SMB share.

Use NFS.

Why NFS ?

Two main reasons: it’s faster and there’s no random samba issues that always pop up since the versioning is all over the place.

Wha’ts the difference between this methods ?

Thank you.


I switched to NFS after trying DLNA and SMB. NFS has been flawless for me and seems to do everything faster. I connect to a Synology DS716+II. You will have to go to File Services allow NFS. Then go to Shared Folder and Edit NFS permissions.

Highly recommended!

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