Whats the best software and best format to rip DVD's to for Infuse and Apple TV4?


I want to rip all my DVD’s to play on the new Apple TV with the new Infuse when its released - it looks like the exact solution I was looking for :slight_smile:

Whats the best format to rip the DVD’s too? And is there any recommended software I should be looking at for my Mac? Happy to pay for software if it makes my life easier or the process faster. I don’t have the external HD yet - waiting for Infuse to drop to get everything - but I’ll probably pick up a WD My Cloud as I’ve seen them for a reasonable price :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

For flexibility you might want to widen your research on NAS devices. The WD units are great (I’ve had four, with my current being a 24TB EX4), but if you ever think you might like to try a server side solution such as Plex, the ARM processor in the WDs is a bit limited.

Thanks @arcadelt. I did look at the NAS options, but for something that can run PlexServer they are quite a bit more expensive - which is why I like to idea of infuse :slight_smile:

I’ve just discovered that my router can have a HD plugged in and it becomes network storage so I’m going to give that a go first to see how it works out so I may have more time to save for something better.

Still not sure what the best way to rip dvds for infuse and the best format to rip them too. Is Handbrake still the best option? I thought there might be easier/better solutions available now.

I’m just going through the exercise of working out what to use and how to rip again as a result of getting the ATV 4. It takes a long time to work out as it takes a long time to do a test rip. What I can say so far is that Handbrake is free, but most other solution will cost. MakeMKV is great if you want raw, almost archival versions of your DVDs and Blu-rays, but the file sizes are huge and you’ll need a very capable network to make them useable. The search, however, continues.

Benga, look in to “MakeMKV” if you’re looking to change the “container”. Once in MKV, you should look in to “MKV Tool Nix” if you’d like the ability to ditch the additional languages and audio tracks that you won’t use. Some Blu-Rays and DVSs contain both the DTS-HD MA track and a DD5.1 track. And there is little reason to have both. Additionally, if your equipment is like mine, it cannot read DTS-HD MA track (sometimes up to 4Mbps) so all the MA tracks are reduced to the 1.5Mbps core during playback. You can use Tool Nix to reduce to the audio core within the MKV, saving you hard drive space and slightly reducing the network demand during transfer. Handbrake can help you further reduce file size, albeit, using Handbrake takes quite a bit of time and you do sacrifice some quality. If the settings you use are good enough, you will most likely not notice quality loss.

Just a few thoughts…

Thanks briguy453 - really helpful :slight_smile: Looks like MKV Tool Nix isn’t really supported on OS X. Have done a bit more research and found this article on ripping DVD’s for Mac - How I rip DVDs and Blu-rays – Six Colors which uses Handbrake, and I’m going to give this ago too to see if its any good: http://www.macdvdripperpro.com.

Can’t get the router to pick up an external HD reliably so I’m shopping for a NAS now.

Handbreak works fine with me, my Mac and Infuse 3 pro for Iphone :slight_smile:

I’ve been using MakeMKV for years - it’s also been in beta for years and is free if you don’t mind going through the hassle every 30 days of plugging in a new registration code. It’s always provided on their website in the forum. Just like Infuse though, it’s well worth the money if you decide to donate it.

I generally only select the main movie and 1 audio format. You can choose what audio tracks you would like to keep, I generally will only keep the DTS audio and not select any others. I also don’t select any of the subtitles either.

As others have mentioned, they are typically larger files (20-35gig for Blu-ray’s) but you could always reduce the size using handbrake.

MKV Toolnix works just fine for Mac. I know they have some disclaimer about providing the builds but I have been using for years with no problems.