What's so good about aTV Flash?

I like to know what’s so good about aTV Flash!.. Not saying it’s rubbish in anyway!!! But right now all i can do is use XBMC to play music from my network server what i can do that anyway. I have got XBMC on my old Xbox and PC, Phones. I can play music and videos from my PS3.

Am sorry for saying this but $29.95 is a lot of money and for some customers may fined it as a bit off a joke. When looking at the video on the home page i was very impressed. But now i don’t know as i have post 3 comments on the forum what i never got any answer to what got me know where! And only using XBMC to play music what i can do that anyway for FREE! What is so good about aTV Flash?

Thank you

I find the FireCore Media Player to be MUCH nicer to use than XBMC. The other features are therefore just a bonus. However if you are happy with XBMC then I can see that the FireCore software has much less to offer.