What's hapenned to the 3 months?

I had the old Infuse Pro 4 with my old Apple TV HD, so with my new Apple TV 4K I decided to get the current one in the Black Friday sale (yearly sub).

Advertised as “3 months free” on your website when I bought it on 26th Nov.

However, when I now look at my Apple subscriptions, it says it will renew 26th Nov 2024, not 26th Feb 2025 as it’s meant to.

So what’s happened to my 3 months?

(Probably a silly Q but couldn’t see this asked anywhere else).



Can you drop me a PM with your v4 Pro receipt.

Upgrading from v4 actually entitles you to a full year of Pro, for free. :slight_smile:

Please don’t post private info in the open forum. :wink:

Oh yes, of course.

@James, I’ve pm’d you the screenshots.

I could forward the apple email to your email if you want that instead?

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