Whats atv flash black all about?

I ordered it today and other than adding a browser what does atv flash black do? I dont get what nito tv does or plex. Can it connect to cydia? can I download cydia apps or any apps? If  its just to play different formats for movies then I already have a mac app for that and a perfectly good ps3 to play dvds :stuck_out_tongue: SO in short what is the benefit of atv flash? am i missing something? It seems like I can get all of this stuff free online.


Thanks :slight_smile:

also is there any Siri integration? That alone would be worth it :slight_smile: Not for plex tho because i just read that i cant even use it on 4.4.3 anyways. 

The main draw included with aTV Flash (black) is the ability to play non-iTunes media formats through the native AppleTV interface.

Also included is a native webkit based browser, Last.fm radio, weather forecasts, and RSS news feeds.