What to expect and not in 4.1?

The list of wished improvements is long but what can we really expect from the next release in terms of Yes, maybe, No?

As I do not have any problems with sound (DTS) or picture I am interested in:

  1. The Delete function, will I be able to delete a video file sitting on a server from the app?

  2. In order to select the right subtitle, will the text box showing the possible subtitles be wider so I do not have to wait for the scrolling?

  3. To synch subtitles I have to use the original remote as the App for iPhone and Apple watch does not work with this specific setting, will this be fixed?

  4. TV series folders are sorted in 2 groups, first comes A-Z with all folders containing more than one season and thereafter the second group with folders only having one season. Will this be merged into on group?

  1. Yes
  2. Not sure, have not had this problem
  3. Not sure, will have a look for you if you like
  4. No.

Good at least the delete function will be there :slight_smile: Got the possibility checking the adjustment of the SubSynch?

Yeah, just had a look and no, unfortunately the time offset still can’t be changed using the iOS Remote app.
Weird quirk… Maybe make a separate post stating the problem? More likely to get picked up by James that way.
If nothing happens, I can post it on the beta forum as an issue for 4.1.x

Is there anything else the remote app won’t let you do?

It’s the only function I’ve noticed that doesn’t work with iOS remote. Please bring it up in the Beta forum.

When it comes to the number of characters shown of the possible subtitles, it can only be a matter of minutes to increase this. The important info is always at the end of the subtitle files (Group name and HI (or not)).

subtitle name too long. refers to my post: Subtitle names

in short, if subtitle file is like

Star.Wars.Episode.VII.The.Force.Awakens.2015.720p.BluRay.x264-Replica.Chinese & English.srt

Can the swipe-down subtitle menu only lists highlighted names?

  • Chinese
  • Chinese & English

With regards to the delete function: I was able to get rid of the video files. However the parent folder (not the season one) was left on my synology nas. Did I do something wrong or is this expected behaviour? The empty folder keeps showing up in the list, so I would prefer to delete the series folder as well.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for the delete function though!!!

Just updated to 4.1 via the atv store…

How to use the delete function?

Please report the “subtitle length issue”. It´s pretty annoying when I´m downloading subs for a certain release from OpenSubtitles and I can´t see whether it´s for the Blu-ray or HDTV because the window is too small. Appreciate your work!