what to do if power goes out?

OK, 1st things first, i love my new Apple TV2’s interface. Very cool once i got it installed with Media Player and XBMC. 

I was worrying in advance. Sat the power goes out? What steps will i need to take to get it back to this usable state? It is tethered but i am not real lsure what that means. Do i need to do i full jailbreak / then reinstall of ATV Black if it ever loses power?

It means that you will need to redo the tethered boot stage via SeasonPass. After doing so then all your settings and installed software will be intact. Do not restart the jailbreak from the start - if you repeated the restore stage you would wipe the settings and installed software.

ok, thanks for the reply. That doesn’t sound too painful. Maybe a minute, tops.

Do all of my settings in the Apple TV get reset as well? Would i have to re-login to all my MLB, Netflix apps, etc? 


Tethered booting only affects your startup, nothing more. Settings and all that will be good