What time will end? (before starting playback)

First of all thank for adding the end time of movie while you are watching it.
I personally find be very useful to have the end time of a movie on the page with the movie data, like duration, movie category, description and so on…
Many time the decision which movie I’m going to watch is based on what time will end.
Currently there is only the duration and in order to know exactly what time will end I have to play the movie and then double tap on the apple remote.
Would be very nice to know in advance what time will end the movie.
Thank you for considering my suggestion and keep up with this good work! :wink:



I know that has been a suggestion a while back and has been reported as completed with version 7.0.2.

But what do I need to setup and where to show the movie end time in the main screen on ATV? Now (and always) it just shows the movie lenght.

Like this example from Emby: