What they can do for Apple TV 3

Hello FireCore


I just wanted to ask if you tried jailbreaking the Apple TV 3 with an edited IOS and a fake server.


You could put up a fake server on your Mac/PC which would replace the Update server of apple.

There for all traffic would go through your mac first.


The apple tv would then check for updates and detect the fake server and if you update it would ask for the files from the fake server and install what ever you want.


Please tell me this helps.

I really want my Apple TV 3 jailbroken so i can do some cool stuff with it.


The contact form does not work and I think creating a topic would have the people also thinking of what you can do.


Thank you

FireCore is not directly involved in the jailbreaking of the Apple TVs. An Apple TV3 jailbreak is in the works but there is no ETA.

I know this, I just wanted to give an idear to the community.
I created this just for a conversation on what people think they can do, if they do it or not is not is not why I am here.
It’s just so if they do look at it they would know what the people think would work.

If running arbitrary code on a device that is locked down was that easy they’d have done it already. Sadly it isn’t that easy.

It would be easier to rob fort knox