What should I update through Maintenance/Manage Extras?

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Very simply, I don’t want to update to 5.1 until there’s an untethered jailbreak and the XBMC plugin works. Does that mean I should leave all the available updates in Maintenance/Mangage Extras untouched? FYI, these are Couch Surfer Pro, Last.Fm, Maintenance and Media Player, (plus nitoTV). Are these updates only for those who are updating to the tethered jailbreak for 5.1 or are they performance update for all users?


You can apply the updates via the Maintnance menu - they are not specific to the 50 firmware (this is mentioned in the FireCore blog article on the new release.

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I read through the entire blog posting about the new Seasonpass and ATV Flash but all I found was information about features of the new ATV 5.0 software.  Like others, I’m waiting for an untethered jailbreak before updating the ATV2 firmware here.  So, is there a post about what is updated if I update Maintenance and Media Player using the maintenance menu but leaving the iOS alone?  Just worried about picking update and breaking something.

Updating items through the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu will only update the ‘extras’ and not the actual AppleTV software.

If you want to update the AppleTV software you will need to use iTunes, or re-jailbreak with Seas0nPass.

Right… I knew that, but what is the changelog of what is updated in the ‘extras’ under my current ATV2 firmware (4.2).  Just was curious what was changed/fixed in Media Player for example.  Usually your blog post about a Media Player update has included a pretty thorough list of changes and bug fixes.

1.4.1 was mainly geared towards 5.0 compatibility, so there won’t be much in the way of features (full details can be found here: http://firecore.com/atvflash-black-changelog).

Version 1.5 which is due in early/mid April will include quite a few new additions to Media Player (big player improvements, NFS streaming, subtitle syncing, and more…)

Thanks James, exactly what I was looking for.  As usual, I’m very very happy with the customer support here at FireCore, a very responsive forum, blog posts, etc… because of that and the excellent product, I have recommended ATV-flash to several folks (though I don’t know if any followed up on my recommendation).

Might I suggest you add a link to the changelog on your knowlegebase, or on the download tab in the ‘my account’ section?

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If you look closely on the downloads page there are version history links below the links. These often get overlooked, so we may need to make them a bit more prominent.

PS - Thanks for the kind words. :)