What’s The Best Apple TV settings to speed up loading?

I find the loading of metadata super slow. I’m not just talking about the initial load also. I find its always downloading metadata and acting sluggish. It’s also very slow to refresh once I watch something on infuse or plex. Then randomly infuse app crashes and when I open the app back up its restarting the initial load up which takes 10-15min.

What should the settings be to speed everything up. I know when I add Plex theres an option about precache something? And then in settings theres also 2 settings for metadata.

Could either a long time infuse user or admin give some advice?

If you have a large library, the best way to browse will be to use the Library features in Infuse. These are fully indexed/cached views and will provide faster browsing than browsing the Plex share via folders.

The ‘Pre-Cache Images’ will allow Infuse to cache all artwork from your Plex server. This is generally not recommended for larger libraries as the Apple TV has been known to clear out cached data from time to time if you start to run low on disk space.

So the THREE options about metadata and precache make sure are off? In settings theres one about embedded metadata… theres also one more setting in there.

It’s all off yet when I go to library its still loading images… i see something like (1 of 550,000)

The ‘Pre-Cache Images’ option will be under the Plex share’s settings.

The ‘Metadata Fetching’ and ‘Embedded Metadata’ options will not have any effect when streaming from Plex, as Infuse will always uses Plex’s metadata.

If you are seeing a message about image loading the pre-cache images option may be on. You might just try removing the Plex connection and re-adding it.

Thanks… ive always made sure precache images is off… but it still loads that metadata which you are saying it shouldn’t do… how can I troubleshoot?