What Protocol do you recommend? (SMB vs FTP)

Hello world.
I’m currently using SMB for my apple TV4 (of course, in Local network)
SMB works well.
but other article (http://www.immortalfiles.com/protocol-recommendations-for-backup-storage.html) said.
FTP is much faster.
do i have to change protocol?

For me SMB works fine, FTP is faster, but i got problems with folder (folder.png) covers. When i connect with FTP, covers refreshes. With SMB i dont have problems and full hd movies streams with no lag at all.
I use FTP to copy files to NAS and SMB with infuse.

Sorry if got some problems with my english, i’m Latvian. :smiley:

I heard FTP was faster and set about changing from SMB to FTP, but then I realised SMB does the job perfectly well so I stuck with it.

If it ain’t broke etc.