What player does Infuse use?

I saw a comment on r/Plex recently stating that Infuse uses MPV player the same as Plex.
Is that the case? (Just out of curiosity.)

I know they both (mpv and infuse) use FFmpeg :man_shrugging:t3:

Many apps use mpv or VLCkit as the foundation for their apps, as they are generally pretty good and save a lot of development time.

However, we began creating our own player in 2010, in the good ol’ days of the 2nd gen Apple TV. We did this to allow us to improve the performance when running on the Apple TV. Since then, we’ve continued to develop our player and fine-tune things for the devices Infuse currently runs on.

Infuse’s player application sits on top of other components, like FFmpeg, which handle a lot of the grunt work for processing video. As of today, FFmpeg is included in most every piece of software that processes audio/video. However, there can be big differences in how the implementations are put together, so that is why Infuse, mpv, and VLC all perform a little bit differently.


Thanks James.

I was pretty surprised when It was suggested elsewhere that infuse used MPV.

So again thanks for the clarification.

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