What Other Programs Does Media Player Install?

Installing Media Player 0.7.1 has made XBMC totally unstable and crashes any time I try to access my SMB share.  I’m trying to troubleshoot.  I noticed afp and several other things in NitoTV were installed after Media Player was installed, and that these do not get removed when I remove Media Player in the Maintenance menu.  Is there a list of these dependancies?  And which ones are always running in the background and could be causing problems?

I have both XBMC and Media Player installed without apparent interactions, and I play virtually all of my media off SMB shares.   Both players seem completely stable.

I know this does not answer your specific question, but it is worth mentining in case the XBMC instability you are experiencing are nothing to do with Media Player.  I would guess that if you looked at the log after installing Media Player it may well give you the details of what dependencies were installed?


Do you have the latest Apple update (4.3 build 8F455)?


There’s a thread about it with logs and everything at the XBMC iOS forum.  Which XBMC build are you using?