What now?

so i've installed green pois0n rc6 jailbreak. But what now? All i get is a nitotv installed on the main menu. I installed xbmc from there but it wont communicate with samba. Also i cant ssh into the atv. Says the password frontrow isnt right.. I did install it fresh cause the first did i get that dpkg error, but i get the same ssh password issue.  i think i might be missing the point to this whole thing. Im suppose to be free to basically do a lot more right? am i suppose to install something else? help me out here.

yes the password is ALPINE on an ATV2.  You need to read some more.  But have to admit that many do not know this.


XBMC lets me use UPNP and DLNA server software to play content from HULU via a piece of software called PLAYON. 


i think i figured out the problem. after you run greenpois0n and get it jailbtoken, THEN atv flash has to be run, right? i missed that somehow. but yeah the ssh for whatever reason isnt working. i dont think its a password problem cause i tried them all. would atv flash fix this you think?

Are you running ssh from a Mac? If so then it’s ssh root@() and then alpine. If it’s from windows then there’s some dll that has to be installed on there (to do with openssh I think). Occasionally on a Mac you get a strange message if you had been previously running ssh to the ATV and that can be dealt with by deleting .ssh in your home folder or more safely editing or deleting the known_hosts file within .ssh .

Once you inject the sw and you can see nitotv then ssh is automatically enabled.This is not related to atvflash.


but i didnt install atv flash. that is my main issue right? with like access to my samba shares. once i install atv i should be good to go? atleast with the sharing stuff. thats really my most important question.

nah open ssh from linux.

To gain direct access to your samba shares you you have to install XBMC either from nitotv, via ssh and apt-get or atvflash. atvflash has nothing to do with ssh access if you used GP to JB the ATV. 




so just gp should give me access to samba through xbmc.. crap.. i have xbmc and nothing shows. and samba that can be accessed from other systems so i dunno.  well thanks for the help. im gonna get another mini usb cable and do this on another windows box, or wait for the linux version. i've restored and installed 3 times with the same results. something didnt install right.

Remember you have to inject the software which is installs ssh and nitoTV. The samba issue is really quite trivial from XBMC. It might not be GP related at all but some simple thing like the workgroup name or whatever. XBMC on my ATV2 loads stuff from my samba shares. As far as I know there is no way to get an smb client on there without installing xbmc. There is an afp one apparently which doesn't require xbmc.