What NAS should i buy to work with Infuse?

What you are saying about having at least one internal HD makes totally sense. I haven’t considered that this could be an issue. Anyway, I’ll research a little more about it just to be sure.

Also, I have completely forgot that plugging in an external HD straight to the router is possible, although mine is a regular router/modem offered by the company who provides the internet service. I am not sure if it could handle it, but I will test it anyway as soon as I get home. In any case, I now know that Asus routers are good.

Thank you very much for the explanation! I am so relieved that I don’t have to buy a powerful device. Infuse saved my life as soon as I discovered that transcoding would be off the table.

Been thinking about setting up a NAS. Would there be benefits to setting aside a dedicated drive for Infuse use and using the second drive bay for other short and long term storage data (photos, documents, etc.)? Or, would keeping all data on one large drive and using the other drive as a backup be smarter? I know I can get NAS devices with more bays, but I’m trying to stay within budget. Thanks for any insight.

Hello there

It’s going to be one month since I use Infuse. I’m totally convinced so I took the yearly subscription and I’m happy so far. Just one thing, I had buffering once so I had to chose the “legacy” protocol for SMB.

I am considering now a Synology NAS DS718+ with 2x4TB or 2x8TB. Today, I download on my Mac mini with uTorrent 4K UHD HDR movies and I use an Apple TV 4K with Infuse and all works like a charm.

I have the following questions:

  1. If anyone using Synology NAS + Apple TV 4K + Infuse…could you share your feedback, what you like, what you don’t?
  2. How noisy is the NAS and do you have recommendations regarding low-noise HDD?
  3. Can I use 1 bay for the movies and the second for backing-up the first HDD? Would that be the recommended workflow and what setting-up shall I need to do?
  4. Would it be possible to leave 1 TB for a Time Machine?
  5. What protocol shall I use to avoid buffering on Infuse? Do I need to configure “SMB Legacy” on the NAS, too?
  6. Shall I install a torrent client on the NAS directly or shall I still use the Mac mini and transfer the downloaded file once completed to the NAS?
  7. Will 1 Gbps ethernet be enough for playback without buffering?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my message!

I use a Synology NAS myself, and stram tv and movies to my Apple Tv4k over 5gHz wifi (the NAS lives upstairs, so noise isn’t relevant - but it is quiet). !Gbs ethernet will be even better and no, you won’t have to worry about any buffering.

QNAP is also well regarded, but both it & Synology have a good range of software they can run - your Synology has a Torrent downloader available from Synology themselves, and works fine.

To point #3 - no, you don’t specify which bay or drive yo copy files to… best to have at least two drives (may as well get 8Tb ones…) and set it up in a RAID array… there are different RAID setups you can choose (have a search and read) but I just sue Synology Hybrid setup - this has one disk tolerance for failure. Means IF one disk fails you don’t lose any data - replace the bad disk, and rebuild the array and all will be well (this has happened once with a bad drive).

When using Torrent clients or, err, alternatives, you should be using a VPN - you can setup the Synology to always connect to internet through your chosen VPN provider.

Yes, you can do Time Machine backups to it - and many, many other things besides.

Thanks for your reply. It looks like there are a lot of settings, judging by reading the article you mentioned.

I’ll use mainly the NAS for storing the movies, I’ll see later if I will use it as a second TM.

I think I’ll buy it next month. If others have feedback on their usage, please don’t hesitate!

I’ve been a long time user of Netgear ReadyNAS units. Since converting to Apple hardware for my user stuff I’ve looked at Synology from time to time but never seen the advantages. I’ve just changed out all my Netgear NAS units for new versions and have now (6months ago) switched to using InFuse to stream to the Apple TVs (also new). Can’t fault the Netgear NAS units at all. I don’t use Time Machine but I do stream Audio (to Sonos units) as well as Video and using the NAS for file storage with backups from CCC.

Video goes direct from the NAS to the ATV - no Mac in the way.

I bought 3x ReadyNAS 424s with WD40EFRX drives.

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ps If your router (like an Asus) supports plugging in a hard drive and using it as a Network drive - you could try that first with one WD Red 8tb drive in an external case. The Synology is great for Raid protection and running apps continuously in the backgorund (liek torrent clients amongst many other useful functions) but if you don’t need or want that, then a ‘dumb’ network drive would work fine for file storage and access.

All the previous answers are wrong.

Old computer, NAS drives, and one of these:

Little harsh wouldn’t you say?

How about saying “another option is…”

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Synology also has a cheap single drive NAS.

“3. Can I use 1 bay for the movies and the second for backing-up the first HDD? Would that be the recommended workflow and what setting-up shall I need to do?”

I am not sure I would have the backup in the same place as the originals - it feels like tempting fate. All you need is for the power to do something freaky, a spillage or any number of other things and you could loose both at the same time. In terms of workflow, I use apps like carbon copy cloner because they are really easy to use and you can create any workflow you want

I personally built my own, cheap AMD motherboard and CPU, picked up an old LSI Raid adapter and then run windows. The LSI adapter has cache on it and can do Raid 6 for my 8 x 4TB drives. I plan on swapping the 4TB drives out for 8TB in the next few mi this and the raid card will do all the heavy lifting of rebuilding. I also have it do read checks and consistency checks every week and emails me the results. The other affairs I run 16GB or RAM and actually run a few VMs in Hyper-V thus my Plex server is in a VM.

This may not be the popular option, but I use a Drobo 5N2 for my video (and document) storage. It may not have the options/Apps that the Synology or QNap NAS’s have, but it’s simple, stable, quiet, and built very well and I can use any combination of hard drives with it to maximize my storage. You have any 250GB or 1TB Hard drives lying around? Stick them in! It supports SMBv3 and NFS, an SSD cache and bonded Ethernet ports, which is all you really need for Infuse. I find it’s a good option with very little setup required.

So for the past year or so I’ve been using Infuse with just an external harddrive plugged into my router. The setup has been working just fine, but with me adding more and more 4K/HDR content, I’m finding that the USB 3 port on my router is hardly achieving USB 2 speeds so I’m getting a ton of buffering issues on 4K content.

Ultimately I’d go for a standard NAS solution, but I’m not looking to drop that amount of cash right now and I still have 4TB free on my external drive–I’d rather fill that and upgrade to a NAS later down the road (it’s taken me ~2 years to fill 4TB of the 8TB).

So in the meantime, I’m looking for a cheap solution to get my media to Infuse. I think all I need is a middle man between the router and the external drive that can actually achieve USB3 speeds. Would a Raspberry Pi be powerful enough? I’m assuming I won’t need anything beefy since Infuse will be handling any transcoding on the AppleTV, right? Could I possibly just get an older generation Mac Mini from eBay and use that? I guess I’m just unsure how powerful the middle device needs to be. I should mention that I’m a laptop-only house, so I don’t have an existing 24/7 machine to attach the drives to or else I wouldn’t have this issue!

Check out the synology ds119j which is a single drive NAS for about $129 Canadian

Wasn’t aware of that model, that price isn’t too bad, even the 2 bay model (which I’d probably spring for just so I could RAID it). I see it has a USB port too which I could use with my existing external drive, cool. Thanks!

Your usb port shouldn’t be the problem - even usb 2 can do 60 MBps, and ‘filling up’ a hard drive shouldn’t be causing any issue either, especially only half full.

Check your router speeds first - i hapily use wifi 5g network from a good Asus router, not all routers are equal.

I should have been more specific. It’s not my network causing the issue, most devices are wired into the gigabit ethernet and my wifi connection is usually above 800 Mbps. It’s the physical router that’s the bottleneck, it’s puny router CPU can’t handle pushing data through it’s USB3 port fast enough. My last speedtest (using Black Magic) to the drive attached to my router was 12 Mb/s, not even close to the theoretical 60 USB2 should give me, let alone the fact it’s plugged into a USB3 port.


I am new here coming from Plex.
I am looking for a cheap low noise storage solution.

Right now I have been looking at WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra because it seems cheap but are there better alternatives?

My router sadly doesn’t support USB which I think would be cheaper ?

A bit more information about my needs.

1 client will be streaming and it needs to be able to handle 4K streaming ?

Just stay away from the MyCloud Home versions. The home version has been a nightmare for many here.