What kind of Specific Micro B USB is needed

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I purchased FireCore this week, and was all set to jailbreak my AppleTV Black unit for this weekend.  I ran Seas0nPass, and got to the part where I connect the USB.


These are the issues I had:


a) I have a USB cable that has many attachments on it to fit many kinds of devices.  It has several Micro B plugs.  One of them seems to have fit the AppleTV.  However when I plugged the USB into the computer and the Micro B into AppleTV, a problem.

The first time I tried it I received a connection error.  My Windows 7 told me that there was an error with the device and unable to recognize the device.  I plugged it into another computer USB port and received the same error.  This also happened once I rebooted the computer.  I want to note that the AppleTV light stayed off then.

The metal silver remote control did nothing at this point.  I tried it both down arrow style and menu with pause style.  It never lit up the AppleTV indicator glow.


b) Then I tried the same thing by plugging the AppleTV into the power source.  Had it USB to the laptop.  Did the buttons remote control, got the flashing glows, however the computer never recognized the device was even plugged into the USB.  Also treid a reboot laptop.


At that point I removed the USB cables.  The AppleTV is functioning alright as normal.


When I placed the USB Micro into the port is seems loose.


This is why I would like to find what number of Pins this Micro B is supposed to be.  Or I want to see if anyone has a solition, other than getting another USB cable.  I want to make sure that I am using the correct Pins, and even putting it in correct.


I really would like to get this to function.


Many Thanks,



This is what I used. Good luck and hope it helps.



i would get a standard micro-usb to usb cable,  who knows what the connections are doing in the device you have.  But it sounds like it doesnt work too well.