What is wong with 351 and 352


I purchaged month’s ago 3.5 and it was working.
Both 351 and 352 don’t work for me. ATV is not booting from different usb-sticks or even a small Hard-drive.

I now have my appleTV running with “atvusb-creator-1.0.b10” but the problem is I can’t access my external HB wich is plugged in my ATV with this software.

I need the ATV FLash 3.5.2 to work badly. Someone help me please.

What am I missing?


The issue is most likely related to the flash drive being used.

View the thread below for a list of recommended flash drives.

I must say that after many, many versions, 3.5.2 is finally working the way I want for items I want to use the ATV for.

Nito TV is working well… External drive and saphire are working great.

The firefox installer worked great and with flash installed surfing is smooth.

I am able to ftp into ATV to copy movies to the external harddrive with no problem with cyberduck.

I was planning on getting an older mac mini for our 2nd entertainment system however with 3.5.2 working better I will look for another ATV on ebay.