What is this missing image called and the preferred size in pixels?

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This is my first post be gentle!!

I am new to using Infuse and enjoying very much. I have linked to my Plex server and primarily use Infuse on my Apple TV and Apple MacBook Pro M1.

I have read the threads about artwork metadata etc but I am struggling with this missing image on both the Apple TV app and the MacBook version of Infuse.

Are you able to tell me which image this would be and it’s preferred size. I have tried various combinations of names and sizes and cannot seem to get an image instead of the placeholder.
Do I have to do anything once I add the correct image (with correct size and name of course) to get it to show up?

It is obviously a Season image (for Moonshiners: Smoke Ring)

I just cannot seem to work this out or get an image displayed.

I understand from reading that it should go in the show directory and not the season directory and I have tried variations on Season 01-poster.jpg Season-all-poster.jpg Season 1-poster.jpg etc but still to no avail.

Looking forward to a reply to help appease my obsession with order.

Many thanks.


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First, the reason you don’t see a poster there is that there isn’t one for that series on TVDB, but you could join that site and add one so everyone could benifit. That being said, there is a change in the wind and Infuse will most likely be changing sources for TV metadata to TMDB. The change will happen pretty soon but a firm time frame isn’t announced yet.

Now haivng said that, TMDB does have a poster for it but not a real great one (strictly in my opinion LOL) but you can join there also and again, add new poster files that everyone can benefit from.

In Infuse it’s called “Fanart” and here’s a post that tells you the naming format.

As to size, here’s a link to the TVDB for the “Debris” tv series background that gives you the size and other info.

I think I covered most of the bases, let us know if you have any more questions. :smile:

Hi Bullseye

Thanks for being nice :wink:

To be honest I am still a little confused?

I can see the artwork on TVDB and TMDB. Get that. Can see the images.

Although I am perplexed on the nomenclature. Maybe I am getting confused between the various image styles.

I have read in another topic “Infuse uses both aspect ratios of artwork as you’ve seen. Poster versions are set from filename.jpg while landscape versions are set with filename-fanart.jpg”.

i. So is this the case?
ii. The landscape pictures are fanart and the portrait are posters?
iii. Are the posters always downloaded from the website?

Also, I have noticed something different in the infuse Mac app today in that the ‘poster’ for Moonshiners: Smoke Ring has changed to:

I have deleted the files from the correct directory and hit refresh metadata but nothing changes…

LOL…I have literally just had a Eureka moment…maybe I should have mentioned that I am using a Plex Media Server and have connected that to infuse.

I have just realised I had a file called season 1-poster.jpg in the main folder and Plex scans for changes overnight and this is why the change has occurred.

I need to wait for Plex to update changes and then refresh Infuse.

Success looks like:

All I have to do is drag and drop images into the correct locations when editing metadata in Plex.

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated. I am loving Infuse on AppleTV MacBook and iOS. Will now purchase lifetime subscription!

Kind Regards


Yup, that’s the way I understand it. Fanart = Landscape and Poster = Portrait

It looks like plex is using TMDB artwork so the change with Infuse in the near future won’t look much if any different.

Glad to hear you had an epiphany! You really can’t go wrong using Infuse. It’s been one of the most used apps on my devices.

Feel free to ask any future questions.


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