What is the version, 2.2 or 2.3?

I downloaded ATVFlash and put it on a Patchstick. I thought this is v 2.3 but when I installed it on the ATV, the Unix code said it has installed v 2.2.

We don’t have a 2.3 version. There is a 2.2 version, and a 3.0 version.

The version history can be seen at the link below.


I forgot to mention, Thanks for setting up this forum! And for being available to answer questions…

Ok, two weeks ago (as soon as it was announced!) I downloaded the software and created the Patchstick myself. (Months ago, I had previously purchased your Patchstick which I had installed and gotten two updated patchsticks since then).

Does that mean the downloaded software should be version 3.0? When I did the install w/the download software, the Unix code said ‘installed version 2.2’

I’m trying to find out if that is just a ‘bug/typo’ and you guys will correct the script so it says ‘installed v 3.0’ of if somehow, I didn’t download the version 3.0 software (Was v 2.2 ever downloadable or was the first downloadable version, 3?).

Since I have never been able to get the AFP working, (keep getting the all too familiar -1060 server missing error) even with the download software or an external USB driver recognized, I want to make sure I have the most up to date version.

Hope this is clearer.

Yes, the only downloadable version to date is the 3.0 version.

To close this out, AppleCoreLLC replied to me via email that indeed the current downloadable version, that I installed, is what they call v3 and that when it is installed, on the screen it says version 2.2 (just as the previous PatchStick version said.) This will be corrected in a new version of the downloadable, v 3.1, to come.