What is the Update Procedure?

I have been very happily using ATV Flash for about a month, and am now ready to update to 4.0 but there doesn’t seem to be any real documentation on how to do this. Do I just download the software, create the patchstick, and then follow the instructions for installation as before?

In the installation instructions, it says to update to the latest version of Apple TV software, which would be 3.0, before installing the patchstick. Does this still apply for upgrading?

I guess what I’m asking is, is the upgrade process just a total repeat of the original install process, or is it somehow different?

I’m using an external USB drive with about 300 GB of media on it. Does that change anything?

Thanks in advance for any input.

I tried to follow the instructions but they don’t seem to match up with what I’m seeing. I think they need to rewrite them to match the current version. I sent an email to the support team yesterday but no answer yet.

What is ESPECIALLY needed is update instructions for those who are using a USB drive as their primary storage. We’re totally out in the cold.

I reset my Apple TV to factory settings, updated to Apple TV 3.0. So far so good. I then ran the patchstick, which went well, then ran the Smart Installer. I then plugged my USB drive in and told it to switch to USB storage as primary. It tells me to wait because this could take a while (it shouldn’t, since I have only synced a few items). After a few minutes it went into screen saver and is stuck there. If I unplug the Apple TV and plug it in again, it just reboots as if nothing has changed and when I go to “Maintenance>Settings” primary storage is still set to internal.

Very frustrating.

I also sent an email to support around 6:00 a.m this morning and so far have heard nothing.

For the people with external USB, if you’re having trouble with the update to aTV 3.0 / aTV Flash 4.0:
You might want to try de-linking your external drive, and then re-linking it. I had to do it with the terminal commands (you can’t do it via the menu if you can’t boot!):

Not a guarantee, but I was having trouble with an update a few months ago and this saved me having to re-sync with iTunes…

As for me, I’ll wait 'til the dust settles.

The process for updating the AppleTV to 3.0, and installing aTV Flash 4.0 is as follows:

  1. Remove all copies of aTV Flash (folders, files, everything) from your computer.
  2. Download a fresh copy here: https://www.atvflash.com/account.php
  3. Format the flash drive to be used as described here: http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=Reformat_Flash_Drive
  4. Update AppleTV to 3.0 through Settings > General menu. (Note: Updates may need to be enabled through the Maintenance > Settings menu.)
  5. Install aTV Flash as before. The current 4.0 version will be installed, and will overwrite the outdated version that is on the AppleTV.

If you’re using an external drive as primary iTunes storage you need to add these steps:

  1. Before updating AppleTV to 3.0, switch to internal storage through Maintenance > Settings menu (synced media on external drive will not be changed)
  2. Update AppleTV to 3.0
  3. Install aTV Flash 4.0
  4. Run Smart Installer to enable USB port. http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=Smart_Installer
  5. Change storage back to external drive. The media that was previously synced to the external drive will be recognized so you won’t need to resync all your media over again.

Everything went well, except at the end where I was switching back to external storage:
Maintenance -> Settings -> iTunes Storage.
I pick the external drive from the list, but I get presented with the screen:
“Are You Sure? The drive will be formatted… Are you sure you want to continue?”

So I’m going to use the manual method at http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=USB_Primary_Storage&oldid=4031
NOTE: I’m skipping step 4! No need to copy the internal drive to the external!

OK, well I found out the hard way. You need to add the additional steps for people using external storage to the install.pdf so they don’t end up with a mess.

So now I have a fresh install of 3.0, a fresh install of ATV Flash 4.0, an empty hard drive, and can’t get the Apple TV to switch over to USB as primary storage. I click to enable it as per the instructions. It immediately says that it is in that process and to wait, that it could take a while if there is a lot of media to copy over. I heard disk activity on the USB drive for about 30 seconds, and then nothing. The screen saver kicks in after a few minutes, and then I can’t get the Apple TV to respond. Just screen saver. So I have to pull the power and reboot. After rebooting, I go into Maintenance Settings and it’s still showing internal as primary storage. What’s up? Is the USB storage hack broken?

That’s weird, I never get that screen. It just acts like it’s going to move everything to the external drive, but never does.

Update: I plugged the USB drive into my Mac Pro, formatted it, and changed it’s name. I plugged it into the Apple TV, went to Maintenance>Settings and chose to change to external drive as primary storage. This time it asked me what drive I wanted to use, I chose the USB drive that I had just formatted and renamed. Once again I got the message that it was copying the contents over to the external drive and that this could take a while. Once again, the screen saver has started and nothing I do with the remote will stop the screen saver. There is no drive activity whatsoever.

USB Primary Storage is broken!

The copy process can take a long time. The screen saver may come on, and the drive may appear to have no activity however data is actually being transferred.

Once complete the AppleTV will restart on it’s own.

Having trouble also - was using external drive for primary storage.

Restore to factory.
Upgrade to ATV v3

  • all works
    Install AVFlash
  • all works
    Switch to external
  • says everything will be wiped but I guessed it will just mean another 4 days of syncing info across.
    Reboots and I get black screen talking about nDNSResponder

Note - running on Ethernet as when on wireless on a previous attempt (before factory restore) it failed at wireless password could not be found.

Heading away for 2 weeks - might try it when I get back if there is a new version - or go back to V3.

OK, I allowed it to continue all night, and yes, this morning it is showing that USB external is the primary storage.

I just don’t remember it taking this long last time, and I don’t remember the Apple TV becoming unresponsive.

All’s well that ends well I guess.

Still have this problem and it is very frustrating… Downloaded the latest version today and no change. Can someone advise what I should be doing.