What is the role of NitoTV?

I have ATV 2 with fire core, and now flashing my old ATV 1 with fire core. I don’t understand the role of NitoTV. It seems intrinsically important to the whole hack. For example, XBMC needs NitoTV to setup network shares on my NAS. And to get crystal working in XBMC, you first have to configure NitoTV for this too…but NitoTV itself won’t utilize the crystal card, just invoked to help get it working in XBMC. Do I have this right?


I think of Firecore as compiling all these hacks together into one cohesive install so all play nicely together. But, NitoTV seems to be a crucial part of the install. Like if you were to delete it you’d break core features needed. It’s all OK, just I want to understand better.