what is the point of jailbraking apple TV ???

guys i just bought an apple Tv 3 i do KNOW that there is no jb currently for it ,i just want to know what is the point of the jb anyway ?

i do know that there is plugins that you can add to your atv after jb  can you watch free stuff on it or what and that include movies , sports , tv shows …

You can stream media from the internet for free, play videos from your network. It simply unlocks the device to it’s maximum potential.

thank you for clearing things for me 


This triples the pleasure of owning an ATV.

For me a apple tv without XBMC is nothing more than a hockey puck…<(stolen from umOuch) at the hub 8)

so it is useless until it is jailbroken right ?

One of the most annoying “feature” without jb is that you must have itunes running on a computer in order to stream your own music or videos.

That is a bit of an assumption! I know a lot of people who use Apple TV using only the functionality provided by Apple and are very happy doing so. Many of these will have other Apple devices such as an iPhone or iPad and the ability to output from them to the Apple TV is what makes the Apple TV better than other media players.

My personal reason for using a jail broken Apple TV is for the ability it gives me to consume media I already own without the need to do it via iTunes or even being online to the Internet at the time. The built-in facilities offered by Apple are oriented towards consuming media via iTunes running on a PC/Mac or via the iTunes store. The additional facilities offered by jail breaking facilitate playing media stored on ones home network.

No not for some people but for my use it is useless without XBMC. My wife watches Netflix ONLY ($8 per month) on a ATV that is not jailbroke thats why i have my own room my own ATV(s) with XBMC + add-ons of my choice and my own peace of mind :). Which means different strokes for different folks 8)

As itimpi posted above it is very usefull for a lot of people without the jailbrerak.

netflix ohhhh dear netflix as much as i consider you a good media i hate not being able to watch you when i’m outside the USA which sucks biiiiiiig time

so with this little box you can cut the cables right ,that is of course with having a good internet ??