What is the "Overflow" menu for?

hi there,

just installed the beta. what is the new "Overflow" menu for? In this menu, i selected "Overflow" in the item "Overflow". Afterwards, the menu was gone. How can I re-activate it?





Well, Overflow is to move items out of the main menu into the Overflow folder ... to reduce clutter.  For instance, I have all my "settings" and crap in there.  Think of it as a folder or a submenu.

You unfortunately entered a Paradox.  You put Overflow into Overflow!  Granted, that option shouldn't even exist and I have no idea how you fix it, sorry.

Use terminal (ssh into the atv2) to remove overflow using the command:

apt-get remove org.tomcool.overflow

Restart lowtide or enter the command killall Lowtide and reinstall it.

Hi Bomans,

thanks for your post. I did exactly what you wrote but the Overflow menu is still gone. I know that I could reinstall the jailbreaked firmware and ATV Flash but i would like to avoid that. Is there any other simple way to bring the Overflow function back?