What is the maximum KBPS will a hacked AppleTV play?

I wanted to know what is the maximum kbps that my hacked AppleTV with aTV will accept?
How about sound?

Thanks in advance

Well what files are you trying to play? and what kind of audio…? Apple tv will accept up tp 12 KBPS but under certain conditions i would keep most around 5 to 4 KPBS. This is high def already at this rate and files are normally 8 - 15 GB and about the sound if you have high def movie i’d hope you have an AC3 track or DTS track… (Use XMBC to play these files apple files nito tv and others are very glitchy).


Regarding this issue… I cannot play mkv HD movies on my cracked ATV… files are standard 1Gb TVshows episodes around 5Mbits/sec.
With Nito I can hear and see like 2fps… with shappire (which is the only I use because the classification) in the best case just the sound and 1 frame per second or less, in the worst case ATV reboots.

I have tried changing the mplayer options (mplayer, qt, mixed) and where it bes works is in mixed.

This happens since the last 4 or 5 revisions… with the older versions (I think previous to version 3) 720p mkv files was fine (currently those also are not working)

Any idea to solve this?


MKV files can be played on the Apple TV, but files with resolutions above 480p will experience the issue you are describing.

The codecs are there, the player is there, the Apple TV just doesn’t have enough processing power to make it work.

HD formats in other formats are supported.

Give Apple a call tell them to slam a 3GHz processor in this tight box… it would do the trick but, apple tv currently has 1GHz which my 2.4ghz core 2 duo struggles to play mkv at 6kbps through quicktime. XMBC seems to work flawlessly for me something about the program it runs alot smoother also it plays DTS and AC3 so no matter what audio format you have it will play as long as you have optical audio hooked up. Stick with 720p and get the KBPS down below 5 should work fine.