What is the maximum bitrate Infuse on tvOS can handle?

actually the title says it all, I used the search function but couldn’t find anything.

There isn’t really a limit with regard to bitrate, but certain formats (specifically h.265) tend to have issues due to the Apple TV’s limited hardware.

With regard to raw bitrate, the highest we’ve seen (and tested) is ~35Mbit/s which was a full Blu-ray video. No issues with that.

Thanks, I know about the h.265 problem and I guess we will have to wait until Apple adopts it as ‘standard’. I was just wondering if uncompressed blu-ray might be a problem but I found out by myself that it isn’t as I’m too lazy to compress each and every time and loose quality in video which my new TV tends to show quite unforgivingly especially in dark or monochromatic scenes.

Great! That’s pretty much how I watch all my movies too. Requires a bit more storage, but it’s worth it IMHO. :wink: