What is the Library section in the macOS app?

What’s the difference between Home and Library in the macOS app?

On iOS, the difference is search, but on macOS search can be done everywhere.

It would be less confusing if Library and Home are consolidated as one in the macOS app.

What’s really needed is a “For You” section, with suggestions for watching next and things to watch again.

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Home is a customizable page which displays a selection of library categories you want to have quick access to.

Library is a place where all categories are listed.

If you prefer one over the other I suppose you can just expand one in the sidebar and leave the other collapsed?

The LIBRARY AREA seems only for streaming content.

I only use INFUSE for watching my videos on my drives connected to my MAC MINI. Is this the wrong software for me as I don’t use INFUSE for watching streaming content or on iCloud.

Library can be used for local or streamed content.

For Local Content what can you VIEW or DO via Library.

For me i can only VIEW added videos. Cannot see folders or move anything or organise anything.