What is the best setup for using Infuse with large media library?

Hi all,
I interested to use Infuse with the new Apple TV(will bought it when its available in my country)
I have few tb of movies and tv shows in my nas. I use TinyMediaManager to create nfo files to be used in my Android Kodi.
I try Infuse with my phone and seems like it’s either unable to scrape the *.nfo or it took veeeeery long time to scrape the nfo. Or, Infuse doesnt even recognize nfo?

So I use Plex, Jellyfin and Emby.

  1. Plex works ok. Scrape the nfo quickly. But only scrape half my movie collection. Not sure what the problem.
  2. Jellyfin server crashes all the time. Even using Jellyfin client, the server still crash. When its not crashing, it is slow.
  3. Emby detect some movie. Some movie it shows file name(i believe it doesnt scrape the nfo.) Also slow like Jellyfin.

So far as of now, Plex seems to be the best media server.

So what is the best setup for using Infuse as Kodi replacement? Do you use existing nfo or let Infuse get metadata from internet? What are your setup? What have I been doing wrong?


infuse does not require the use of Plex Server. He catalogues the video library from the NAS server via the Internet. And it does it well.
When you buy an Apple TV 4K, try infuse directly to the NAS server, bypassing Plex.
In fact, Plex Server is needed only for those players that do not have their own cataloger.
Another option for using the Plex server is when there is a need to continue watching videos on different devices from the moment when they finished viewing. For example, they started watching movies in the kitchen. Put on pause. Then from the same moment they continued to watch in the living room. If this function is not needed, then Plex Server in a bundle of atv 4k + infuse is not needed at all.

Does infuse able to get metadata from .nfo files created in TMM?

I never use .nfo files created in TMM. Therefore, I cannot answer this question.

Yes it can use all the files created from TMM

In your opinion, what is the best setup?

  1. Infuse with folder library
  2. Infuse with Jellyfin
  3. Infuse with Plex

In terms of

  1. Playback compatibility
  2. Fast interface user experience

I use Infuse for several years now on two Apple TVs. All my movies etc. are stored on my NAS. Infuse directly access the NAS. I don’t use any NFO files because Infuse gets the metadata all by itself, which is pretty cool and simple. The performance is pretty good. My ATV and my NAS are connected via Gigabit. I can play 4k content (files are about 80GB) flawlessly and I can even scroll within the movie.
Also when I start something or watch a show, this states are getting synced through iCloud, which allows me to continue watching on my other devices.


Been using Infuse for years with my NAS just connecting via SMB. My NAS has a few TB of files. Play history is synced via iCloud. No need for anything else on the NAS.

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