What is the best configuration?

I have a raspberry 4 as a server, on it I have my Google drive video library.
I want to put Infuse on an Apple TV 4K, which is the best configuration,
SMB 1?
SMB 2?
SMB 3?
What port should I put in advanced configuration?
Should I put the MAC of the raspberry?
I also have Emby installed on the Raspberry, is it better to use the raspberry as a server or to use emby?
I’ve tried everything and movies, especially fullbluray, take a long time to load.
I have the Apple TV connected by network, I do not use wifi.

In most cases, using Auto and leaving the Port field empty will work just fine.

Some devices will work better with SMB2 or Legacy selected, but I would only try these if you are experiencing issues with streaming (EG excessive buffering).

The best thing you can do to speed up loading is to switch from Wi-Fi to Ethernet, as this will almost always result in faster speeds.

Ok, thank you.

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