What is SMB? Is ATV Flash Lion compatible?


I’m thinking of getting an Apple TV which I’ll then install ATV Flash on. I’ll probably be storing my movies on a NAS. I am also considering storing my media on an external USB drive which will be attached to my iMac (running Lion).

I’m reading about SMB issues with ATV Flash and Lion. What, in real basic Janet & John language is SMB, and do I need to be aware of it?


The Lion/SMB issue is only affecting the 1st gen AppleTV right now.

Users with the 2nd gen AppleTV can use AFP, which works with all versions of Mac OS X and most NAS drives.

Details for setting up Media Player to connect via AFP and/or SMB can be found here. http://support.firecore.com/entries/20322512-media-player

Thanks for the reply, which gave me a sense of relief followed by a sense of panic:

I’ve just ordered a “WD My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage 2 TB Network Attached Storage”. When you say ‘most’ NAS drives, does that include the one currently being shipped to me?


Yes, any drive that supports AFP or SMB will be supported.

If my memory serves me correctly, there was someone who reported successfully using that exact drive with aTV Flash (black) installed on their AppleTV, so you should be fine.

Hope this helps.

Phew. Gimme a week or so and I’ll let you know hiw I get on :slight_smile:

I spent two hours trying to get my media to play in Media Player, Plex and XBMC only to find out that my iMac that is running Lion is not supported on the ATVFlash Black using SMB. I know this because once I move my video files to my MacBook Air not running Lion, it worked just fine. That sucks because I don’t use my laptop much. I need all video streaming on my larger HD on the iMac. 

Is there a fix or I’m I fresh out of luck?

You are right in that Lion has problems using SMB (which is the Microsoft Windows file sharing protocol).   However it should have no issues with AFP (the Apple file sharing protocol) and that is also supported by the FireCore Media Player.

I figured out AFP connection solution last night. As regards to Plex and XBMC, not sure how to get those working. Any suggestions? If not, does Media Player scrape for cover art?

Yes, Media Player will automatically scrape for Movie and TV Show cover art and metadata.

But it scrapes v-e-r-y slowly and only appears to scrape those titles that are on screen at the time, and then with limited success.

Once you go into the video itself (all my avi files are stored within a folder - some of which already contain cover art jpg files) it does manage to scrape metadata, but my grid view of my films is littered with greyed out folder icons, and only a random selection have cover art.

It could of course be the way I have structured my files (in folders or the names he files have).

I’ve tries leaving the ATV switched on all night to allow Media Player to scrape uninterrupted overnight but this hasn’t made any difference.

Good luck

My experience has been - AFP works good up to 720p resolution. For SMB (which is the current setup that I have), it starts buffering 1 min into a DVD (480p). Hence, wired solution is the best and the only one in my opinion, especially for SMB users.

PS: I wish ATV Flash Black had UPnP support. I heard this protocol doesn’t have much overhead and hence, should be faster to deliver videos wirelessly… Also, my wireless router supports it…