What is Sapphire used for?

So, what exactly is Sapphire used for? Just importing meta data? I mean, does it launch any of the video files? Or is it simply used to grab movie posters and what not?

Because I can’t seem to make it do much of anything.

Sapphire is a tool for downloading meta data, organizing, and playing movies. There was a new version of Sapphire released last week that fixes some issues with this. There is a thread on this here: Firecore - Video Player for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac

Okay, but that’s just if you rip video files, right?

Not if you watch a DVD Video folder.

Right. Currently Sapphire does not support VIDEO TS playback. VIDEO TS folders can be played through the DVD (nitoTV) plugin.

So what kind of video files will it play back? I can’t get it to play back anything. It just crashes.