What is difference between Infuse 5 and 6

What is difference between Infuse 5 and 6

hello I read a lot of threads but I feel a bit loose.

specific questions:

  • i have infuse 5 pro, if I chose the anual subscription I have all the benefits of the infuse 6 pro? as long as I pay the anual fee?, sorry happen to me with infuse 5 too, too many options and I get confuse.
    -influse 6 improve performance? im trying the trial. and I feel that. but im not sure
  • now with apple tv4, I read lots of threads, but old threads about you can’t get Dolby Atmos yet?
  • what about master audio HD 7.1? now its available 100% or like the infuse 5 by a PCM?
  • the iCloud subtitles means if I download a subtitle and erase the app or use on a different device, I keep my subtitles?

thanks sorry for the questions, or if there Is another thread where I can ask. please help me.

Happy to help. :slight_smile:

  1. A good overview of the differences between a subscription and paid app can be found here Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing
  2. Yes, Infuse 6 has many performance, playback, and streaming related improvements. A full list of changes can be found here Infuse Release Notes | Firecore
  3. The latest info on Atmos can be found here Help get (more) Dolby Atmos on Apple TV
  4. Lossless formats like TrueHD and DTS-HD MA are supported by using LPCM. More info here Audio Options (tvOS) – Firecore
  5. Yes, Infuse will sync downloaded subtitles via iCloud, so once they are downloaded in Infuse they will be available on other devices…or when reinstalling the app
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thanks james, I almost did not recognize you with that new style. Sorry, a long time without entering the forum.

Hello James,
A long time without being here. I sold my aTV 4 and currently I only use Infuse Pro, eventually, with my iPad mini 4.
My question is about I do not remember what kind of subscription I paid. I think I paid some kind of special offer you made to your community of beta testers, and I paid the most expensive expressly to support your work, maybe some kind of lifetime updates, but I can not find the method to confirm it.
Thanks for being there,

You can go to “Manage My Subscriptions” in the Apple app store and if you have a recurring subscription for Infuse it will tell you there as well as what type. If you have a lifetime subscription it won’t show there since it doesn’t require a renewal. Assuming you’re running the most current version (6) that was updated from 5 without an additional purchase then you have a lifetime sub.

Apple doesn’t provide developers with a way to view purchase details so James probably won’t have the ability to research purchases.

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If I try to download Infuse Pro 5 it shows me a warning to pay it. I could try to buy it and I guess in the final process it will be detected that I paid at least for the Pro v5, and then, as you said, I could download the Pro v6 update without the purchase advice. Right?

It sounds like you purchased version 4 right? In order to update to the latest version you have a few options, you can either purchase outright Version 6 Pro and you will get all future updates until version 7 is released then you will have to purchase that version. The other option would be to purchase a subscription to version “Infuse 6” Then you have the options to subscribe monthly, yearly, or a lifetime subscription. With this you will get all updates including major updates like version 7 and 8 at no cost as long as your subscription is current. The lifetime subscription is what I went for since it means I don’t have to keep track of payments and what versions are available.

There’s a thread here Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing that discusses the choices and it has links.

Don’t purchase V5 on the app store if you want to stay current. It’s cheaper but doesn’t have any of the new features and won’t get the new ones added for v6 and it’s updates.

I’d recommend going for the free version that has the ability to subscribe and get the pro features, it gives you a free trial I believe and then you can choose the plan that suits you the best.

I’m pretty sure that this is the way it works but the other thread should explain it if I’m not clear on the options. This subscription thing is new to me so I may not explain it well.

I paid for the v4 in the beginning but then, only for support the developer, I paid some kind of special offer from him about lifetime updates. I don’t know if this kind of lifetime it was for v5 or all future versions, I don’t remember, it was during we were reporting bugs about v5 beta.

Update: Mmmm, I have downloaded the v6 (non-Pro) and then, inside the app it shows me that is the Infuse Pro v6 so could I suppose that I paid for the this kind of special lifetime upgrade for all future versions? This is the thing that I have in my mind about it. Now, in the AppStore, it shows me that I have a subscription to Infuse Pro that is not in Manage Subscriptions (which means it’s the special subscription forever, not the periodical subscription). I think everything is clear here, thans for your support.

Great! Glad you got it sorted out.

Yes, if you bought the lifetime special you can access your Pro features now (and in the future) by downloading the free Infuse app. Currently, this is called Infuse 6, but will be renamed as major updates are released (Infuse 7, Infuse 8, etc…).

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Thanks James, for your support and above all for making this terrific app.

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