What is best way to handle extra and bonus features for movies and TV shows?

I wanted to ask on the forum how current customers are utilizing movie extras/bonus features from ripped discs in the Infuse system? Looking for best ways to organize or have access through Infuse.

Currently you have a couple of options, first you can have Infuse ignore these files so it doesn’t mismatch them with incorrect metadata following this users guide.

A second option would be to give these files the same name as the movie they accompany and add a custom tag that would detail what the extra is by following this users guide.

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Do most people assign the following “S00.Exxx” for commentaries and deleted scenes for tv shows?

No, that is for TV show seasons and episodes, that is one of the primary keys Infuse uses to determine a file is a TV show so if you used that Infuse wouldn’t be able to find the right metadata.

If it’s a “Special” episode for a TV show you can look at that TV show on TMDB and look at their “Specials” and that’s where you’ll see the S00E0x format used. It’s only for TV shows and only official special episodes listed on TMDB.

What do you do as TMDB is missing alot of these extras? For example, the TV Show Seinfeld has alot of extras per episode, "Inside Looks, Deleted Scenes, Commentaries, etc… All of this is not in TMDB.

If they are missing a legitimate special episode you can join TMDB and add it as long as you abide by their “Bible”. Do NOT just add things willy nilly or they will delete them and possibly limit your participation there.

I don’t have many special features for TV shows but the few I do have I have on a separate directory that isn’t included in my Infuse library and it’s named TV Show goodies. I also set it to “Local” so Infuse doesn’t look for matches. That’s just how I do it, others may have their preferences. You can always label the folder “Extras” and let Infuse ignore it.