What is best practice for home video sorting by year in folders?

I have a number of home videos on a share drive in folders, an example is shown below. No movies or TV shows, only about 60 home videos I’ve made of the family over the years.

I only use local metatags. I would love them to be automatically grouped by year. Is there a way to do that? If so, do I really need an NFO editor, or can I use an MP4 tag editor and embed them (any suggestions?)


Thanks in advance!

Here’s the Infuse users guide that has examples of how to override metadata with nfo and xml files. This should get you started.

I did find a tag editor for the MAC (MetaDoctor) and setting the release date flag seemed to work!!

What tag is used for genre?

TinyMediaManager has a Mac version also and is used by many here. The sample files on the page linked above have the tags that work in Infuse. :wink:

I appreciate the response, and I see a lot of activity in these threads pointing to TMM.

However, I’m in that minority of users that just wants to catalog (and archive) dozens of family movies built over the years. I prefer to NOT have any extra NOR or XML files in addition – just the few standard MP4 embedded tags will suffice. I have seen reference to that wish in other posts as well.

So just to be clear, which EMBEDEDED TAGS will Infuse support – and potentiallly use for sorting by Genre or Release Date ??

Thank you very much!