What happens when Atv2 software updates?

will everything be broken?  will I have to re-jailbreak?


is it necessary to install NitoTV in order to block updates?


Updates are automatically blocked as part of the SeasonPass jailbreak. You only have to re-jailbreak if you DO want to upgrade firmware.

If I want to update to the latest iOS, then how do I unblock it in my jailbroken ATV2?  The current iOS version is 4.3

Re-jailbreak your ATV with latest version of Seas0nPass and it will use the latest version of iOS.

In other words, the iOS does not need to be upgraded to 5.0.2 separately before jailbreaking.  Both can be  done while re-jailbreaking ATV2 using the latest Seas0npass.  Correct?  

My ATV2 has the aTV Flash 1.6,  should I just stay with iOS v4.3?  What are the pros and cons of upgrading iOS?