What happens when Attaching A USB Drive with files on it.

Since many folks seem to have probs with USB drives I have some basic Stupid questions:

1. can we use flash drives

2. Can we use drives which already have software* and/or files installed - if so, will anything touch existing files...

   (I have FAT32 drive that I've been using as backup on my PC Laptop. I wouldn't want anything to mess with the existing files...)

   *This assumes that software doesn't attempt to do anything while drive is mounted...

3. Can I simply create a folder say named "VIDs" and find the movies (Video_TS folders) inside using Nito or other ATV software..

4. Assuming I can get this to work...

    My plan would be to format a 2TB drive FAT32 (so I could use Mac/PC/ATV)

        Then thru direct connection to my computer add media files to the drive

         Play them thru something (Nito?) on the ATV.

    SHOULD/WOULD  this Work?


sorry I'm very confused, and I've seen lots of problems with USB drives yet not many reliable solutions, so I'd at least like to test with my existing drive  before forking up more dough

All help appreciated




1. Yes, any USB drive up to 2TB in size formatted in Mac OS or FAT32 format will be supported.

2. Yes, if using the drive as secondary storage your files will remain unchanged.  The only time they would be changed is if you chose to use the external drive for iTunes syncing.  More info on the differences can be seen here: firecore.zendesk.com/entries/259297-using-an-external-usb-drive-for-storage

3. Yes.

4. Yes, that will work.  If you want to move the drive back and forth you'll want to unmount it from the AppleTV.  This can be done through the nitoTV --> Files menu.  Highlight the drive and press the left arrow (<<) button to unmount it.