What happened on Metadata updating?

Infuse on Apple TV. Via NFS.
Disabled library, use folder structure only.

I know Infuse will try to update metadata after some time.

In very early old versions of Infuse, metadata update took global metadata language hence it overrode corrected metadata language every time it ran, very annoyed.

This issue was “kind of” fixed long time ago, I didn’t know how exactly it worked, I guess metadata language info was saved when you Edit the title manually, so when it tried to update later, it fetched metadata by saved metadata language instead of global setting.

Few weeks ago, the same issue appeared again, I don’t know if it still saves metadata language or not, but now my movie metadata keep being changed when global metadata language changes.

Can you please check this? It is not fun when you need to keep correcting hundreds of movies.

@james can you confirm if it is a bug or design change?

Can you check this? What happened on Metadata updating? - #2 by sh2sg

It makes Infuse almost unusable, at least to those who have mixed metadata languages.

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The languages tags should be saved, and synced via iCloud.

If you’re not using iCloud Sync, and the Apple TV happened to clear disk space (at it’s been know to do from time to time) then these tags may be lost.

Or, if the files were moved around on the server this could cause them to be lost as well.

The ATV has 19.33GB free space
Metadata size: 1.5GB
I have turned on iCloud Sync,
It uses 194MB on iCloud (by the app name Infuse Pro 6), I have 2TB iCloud+ plan, plenty of free iCloud storage.

I don’t think Disk Space was an issue, I didn’t move files too.

If I put ATV and NAS idle for 2 days, it happened when I started using Infuse to browse NAS folders by saved Favourites. In between nothing was touched, only 2 days passed.

When Infuse was refreshing metadata, it still shew Poster images, just that movie titles were all changed to original file names, and then updated one by one, if it was cleaning disk space, it should remove Posters too?


So when I manually edit metadata, it saves metadata language, but if it scans a new folder, it fetches metadata based on global setting and it does NOT save metadata language right?

That’s the loophole I think. Consider following scenario,

I am setting up Infuse. I have multiple folders on NAS, one folder contains all English movies, one contains for example all Chinese movies. Elderly family members only watch Chinese movies and they want metadata in Chinese too. Others prefer English movies with English metadata.

So I add 2 separate favorites one points to English folder and one points to Chinese folder.

Now I add Chinese favorite first, set global metadata language to Chinese, enter Chinese favorite and let Infuse to complete scan. It fetches Chinese metadata but does not save metadata language during the scan process.

I change the global metadata language to English, add English favorite and let it to complete fetching English metadata.

So far so good.

Now few days later when elderly member opens infuse and enters Chinese favorite, infuse tries to auto refresh metadata, since metadata language is not saved, infuse will refresh based on global setting which is English, all Chinese movies are refreshed to English metadata.

The same happens when it refreshes English favorite and global setting is Chinese or other language.

The same repeats as long as global setting does not match the desired language of the favorite, unless I manually edit every single movie to force infuse to save metadata language, which is impossible if you have hundreds of movies.

The above is quite common for a family who speaks multiple languages and prefers to having metadata in movie’s home language.

I have brought up this issue multiple times in the past few years, I didn’t get positive feedbacks from infuse team, the only “workaround” infuse provided is to manually Edit metadata to fix and save language, which as mentioned, not doable when you have a huge collection.

So I would like to ask Infuse team to think a proper solution, something that I can think about is,

  1. Save metadata language when infuse scans folder, so it won’t mess up when it refreshes.


  1. Add a metadata language property to the favorite so infuse always uses favorite’s metadata language instead of global setting.


  1. Give an option to stop auto refreshing metadata on those movies that already have metadata fetched. Honestly I don’t quite understand the reason for auto-refreshing.

Thank you.

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