What Format is Best. . .

 . . . and why?




What do you use and why when ripping?  

If you’re referring to DVDs, keeping the native VOB format is best (and quickest) as it will retain the original quality, as well as menus, special features, subtitles, etc…

Anytime you convert a file to a different format you will lose some amount of quality.

Thanks James!

It actually depends on what domain you are going to work at.  If you are going use discs, DVD to be specific, then VOB will be the best option which will let you work with the best quality and original one at that.  Plus everything that an original file in dvd format will have.

Though for portable devices, you are probably to have mp4 suit you best.  It really depends on what you are going to use it for.

I save mine in DVD folder (vob) format too, but Plex can’t play that format back.

XBMC and ATV play them back fine, but I wish I could view playback in Plex.

All my rips are in two different network folders, so I have to kind of know which

folder the movie is in to drill down to it in the ATV native app.