What file renamer do you use (for macOS)?

Hi guys,

with the change to TMDb I need to get a new tool to rename my tv shows.
What tool do you use?

I use the built in file renaming function in the Mac OS. Works great.

How do you get the episode names (from TMDb)?

They will be gathered and displayed in Infuse with the rest of the metadata if an episode name is available. You don’t need to have the episode name in the file name to have Infuse get the right metadata.

Just “ShowName S01E01.mkv” will work and now with TMDB you can use “ShowName 2021 S01E01.mkv” and it will work even better with the year the show started as part of the file name.

Hm, ok I understand.
I prefer to actually rename my files like this:

S01E01 - Episodename.mkv

For this I need a tool. In the past I have used “RenameMyTvSeries” but it does not support TMDb. However today I saw, that in the latest Beta of this tool, you can fetch the names from TMDb as well. I’ll try it today.

I’d strongly suggest you also have the series name and year before the S01E01 - Episodename.mkv.

Like “ShowName 2021 S01E01 EpisodeName.mkv”

I use filebot.

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With this format I never had any problems neither with Kodi or with Infuse.
The episodes are each in a season folder within a show folder.