What external hdd do you recommend (and a question)!


I was wondering if you had any recommendation regarding an external usb HDD for the apple TV ?

Looking for something along the 250 / 300 gb hdd. And I like the small portable WD that turns off when the atv is off too (I am getting some smart power strip to turn it off!)

Also, will it be possible to access this hdd through ftp when I access the atv ?

And can i access the atv and its usb from another atv ? (if I have tow, which i may have soon!) In the /dvd portion of it ?


Really any hard drive will work. It must be formatted Mac OSX Extended or FAT32 to be recognized by the Apple TV.

You will be able to FTP files directly to the drive.

Unfortunately only the Apple TV that is connected to the drive will be able to access its media.


1/ Well, I did not see the drive while I ftp it … Do I need to do something special ? I am using flash fxp for that.

Because this will determine if my next ATV (read 2d one!), will be a 40 or 160gb.

2/ I also have another question: if I have a server and share one folder with my dvd rips on it, will the “dvd” menu on the ATV see it directly in their folders (like now from the atv hdd), or I will have to go under the network menu of “dvd” to play them, and then the folder they are in?

If I can see them w/o navigating under some network menu, I will do that (and could access all my movies from both atvs), if not and if I could see my usb hdd from an ftp, I may go for that (or last resort go for the 160 gb ATV)

I am leaning towards an external hdd, or a server (easier for Backups!).

Let me know



here is the thing: I would like to have a NAS, that I could use for movies and TV series, maybe music and pictures, and backups.

What NAS do you recommend and will it show directly under the “DVD” menus in their folders (if shared0 or I will have to go under network …)

I just want the Movie and TV series folder to be seen by the ATV 9rest if back ups only.


The drive will be listed inside the Movies folder.

If I attach an external HD to my AppleTV, then does it have to be an HD that has its own power source, or may I use one that draws power from the ATV’s USB port?

I thinking: http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/firewire/on-the-go

Thank you

A self powered drive is better, but the Apple TV would be able to power a small travel drive like that.

Thanks a bunch for your response!