What exactly is the free version supposed to do?

I installed it having had a great experience with firecore and my Apple TVs, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out anything it can play. All it seems to do is browse files on the network. Am I missing something? I’d happily pay the 5 bucks if I had any assurance that it would do a good job playing network files, but as it stands all I have to go on are a bunch of 1 and 2 star reviews in the app store, which isn’t exactly a confidence builder.  So what am I missing?

Currently the free version is limited to playing files that are normally supported on iOS (M4V, MP4, etc…).

We’re expanding this to include additional formats in 2.1, but features like streaming, AirPlay, and a few others will remain limited to Pro users. In 2.1 we’ve also updated some of the phrasing in the app to make this more clear.


I’ve tried to get it to play MP4s, AVIs and even an old WMV, (none with any DRM). It won’t play any of them, just displays a nag screen telling me to upgrade to Infuse Pro. The Infuse blog page announces that the free version will play a much wider variety of video formats, but I haven’t yet discovered what these formats are.

Copy them into Infuse via browser/FTP/iTunes sync/File Sharing/Other Apps methods but NOT via Network Share (which requires the Pro inApp purchase).


Thanks for your tip - I figured it out.

For others who are similarly challenged by the Infuse documentation, you don’t actually ‘add files’ using the app itself. Instead, you have to  use another program to push files onto the iDevice so they get stored within the Infuse file system. For example:

  • launch a browser, and use it to choose a file from computer file system, then send it to your iDevice. (Infuse 2 cleverly activates a mini-webserver within the iDevice when you choose “via Browser” from the Add File list).

  • launch an FTP application, and use it to transfer the desired file(s) to the iDevice.

  • launch iTunes and use it to sync desired video files to Infuse.

Despite what the UI implies, it seems that you can’t add a file via Network Share, even though this is one of the methods listed under “Add Files”. The paid version of Infuse 2 can connect to (some) network shares and stream files from there without first copying them to the iDevice. I haven’t found a way to copy files from a network share into the app natively (which would be useful if, for example, one is traveling and has no network access).

James has said that this is planned for a release in the near future (possibly 2.2). Whether it will only be possible in the Pro version or also available in the free version I have no idea.


That would be a nice addition. I’m sure most people will be using Infuse 2 to stream locally from files servers, but if/when they want to copy a movie on to their iPhone/Pad (to watch when traveling, for example), it would be very slick to do the copy from within the Infuse app.


Downloading from network sources (via Add Files) is coming in the upcoming 2.2 version.

We’ve not yet determined if this will be limited to Pro users.

If you do add ability to download/store files from NAS, it would be helpful to segment the UI to distinguish Adding files versus Adding NAS sources. These are two different functions: the former downloads a file and stores it locally in the device (and adds an appropriate icon to one’s library of Infused files).  The latter adds a pointer to an external source, making it available for streaming (and adds an icon corresponding to the NAS share).  The Infuse library would then comprises a list of files (local) and sources (remote), ideally in two different sections/lists/shelves…

That’s actually what we’re working towards. What you see in the current version is more or less a stopgap until we complete the integration which will allow remote files to be viewed in the normal Infuse interface (with artwork and metadata) just like local files.

Also, the Add Files screen will be updated with the ability to download videos to the iPad directly (instead of just streaming) and will remain a secondary option for streaming files as well.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Sounds great! Can’t wait!!

Best wishes for the New Year from all your aTV Flash and Infuse users.

I purchase V.1.2.2 and now I am on version 2.1 and they are asking me to pay additional $4.99.  What Gives?