What Exactly is Boxee? Sorry for the Stupid Question

I got my Boxee invitation and now I’m confused as to exactly what it is.

I apologize for this idiotic question, but what is Boxee?

Is it a replacement interface for my flashed AppleTV, or if I add Boxee to the latest installation of my flashed AppleTV, then will I just get more features in the same flashed AppleTV interface that I’m used to?

Going to the Boxee site makes it look like a community place where I say, "Hey I watched movie X, and Joe over there watched movie Y. The fack that Boxee appears to be an “Advanced” plug-in in the latest aTV flash update makes me think it simply adds functionality to the same AppleTV flashed interface. Having read other info on this forum makes me think it will completely change the interface of my AppleTV.

I’m so confused and would really appreciate clear information explaining EXACTLY what Boxee is. Please assume I’m a total moron.

Many thanks,


@jreffner@fuse.net the question is perfectly legitimate.

Lets see. The simplest answer is, Yes, it is indeed an optional interface for your Apple TV.
However with the added bonus of being able to watch Hulu content on your Apple TV (sweet!).

Also look at this Lifehacker post for some other uses: http://lifehacker.com/396382/boxee-is-xbmc-with-newer-look-and-social-flair

Post back if you have more questions.

Thank you very much for your response.

I finally got a Boxee menu to show up in my flashed AppleTV interface after installing the December 3rd aTV flash update.

I was under the impression that installing Boxee would destroy the AppleTV interface thereby REPLACING it with it’s own. I see now that is NOT the case. It is simply its own interface which runs on top of the AppleTV interface (this is good) while you’re running the Boxee app.

Next, I couldn’t get Boxee to run. So I ran the Boxee, XBMC, and the Launcher updates. Then I figured out that installing the Boxee option (under the advanced plug in options in the aTV flash installer) only installs the option of downloading the Boxee app rather than installing the Boxee application. So, after the “updates” (a.k.a. installation of these apps) I got Boxee to run, but couldn’t get XBMC to run. However, I’m wondering why I’d want to bother. Isn’t Boxee just an updated Mac-ish version of the XBMC?

Now, as far as Boxee goes, why am I seeing movies that other people watched? Will other people see what I watch? So, if someone from my family (not myself of course) were to watch… oh, you know… some… porn, then would others see that?! Do they see only shows you watch through Boxee, or do they see all movies on your AppleTV, and/or on your Mac?

Also, why did some of my music show up locally, but not my entire iTunes library?

Finally, how do I get Hulu to work with Boxee? I don’t see that option anywhere?

I really appreciate your (or anyone’s) help.

Many thanks, Jim