What does "Ultra-optimized streaming cache" in 7.3.7 mean?

Hi @james ,

I am not sure where to ask, but I’m wondering what " Ultra-optimized streaming cache" means. Can I as a user notice anything?

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The new caching method is more resilient to slowdowns on Apple devices (somewhat rare, but they happen), networks which have speeds that fluctuate, cloud services (like Google Drive), plus improvements for folder based-videos. A little something for everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s enabled by default, but you’ll want to ensure the ‘Streaming Cache’ option in Infuse > Settings > Playback is set to ‘Auto’.


OK, thanks for making it clear.
I have a lot of shows. Everytime when I open my shows, it takes a few seconds until all covers are correctly shown.
Also sometimes (since a few months) Infuse is a little bit laggy, means e.g. when I click on “Mark as watched” it takes up to 3 seconds or so until this is processed.
Is the new caching method related to that?

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No, caching is related to buffering process during playback.


Hi @james ,

I don’t know, if for others it is the same, but since 7.3.7 the playblack is very much slower!
The forwarding or scrolling/scrubing withing a video is so much slower, I always get the “gear” symbol, which I never got before…


I’m having the same problem since 7.3.7 using LAN with NFS shares.

Seeking was instantaneous before but with this new version i always get the spinning “buffering” thingy and it takes 2 seconds before playback resumes.


I have noticed that there are now two alternative options:

  • Memory Only
  • Legacy

I have always assumed that Legacy means “memory only”, are there any other differences between these two?

These are both memory caches.

‘Memory Only’ is based on the new modern cache released in 7.3.7 and is much more efficient.

That’s very cool, thanks! As someone using a fast local server, I appreciate having a NAND-friendly modern alternative.

Yes. Same. Supper laggy, near unusable seeking. then issues of the new streaming cache filling up all of the Apple Tvs storage space, cause more issues.

Changed to Memory only (or legacy) and things are back to super responsive and instant loading and seeking.

The issues with the new streaming cache system have been reported in many threads already, as it for many people causes their metadata to to clear when run out of storage space.
They may have fixed things with an update the latest posts state, but regardless, for me, i will stick to memory only setting.

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Just a quick notice that 7.3.8 fixed all issues with buffering during seeking for me. Thanks!!

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