What does the "no rating" actually do?

when using the restriction with PIN-code to restrict which movies and shows that people can watch without using the PIN, there is a selection at the bottom that says “no rating”. but its unclear what it does?

does it restrict/allow to watch content that hasnt got a rating at all (i.e missing a rating)? or does it mean that it restricts/allows content that has a “no minimum age”, like its allowed for all ages?

Just a guess on my part but if a movie or TV show has an “all audiences” rating like “G” for general audiences or TV “Y” they still technically have a rating so I’d say the “No Rating” is referencing those files that have no ratings available.

That’s my guess as well. But I’d like to know for certain.

Have you tried selecting the option and then seeing what happens when you don’t enter the passcode?

No rating = without rating.

This would be different than something which is specifically rated as ‘unrated’ or ‘uncut’.

The list of ratings shown in the parental controls list is curated from the actual items in your library, so if you are seeing a ‘no rating’ item in that list it means some of your items do not have a rating. You can browse to see what these are by navigating to the Library > Movies > By Age Rating.


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