What does Sapphire do...?

I am able to see dvd movies that I have on my usb hd, I can also get all of the album art info etc., but when I click the play button on a movie in the movie menu, the movie doesn’t play, Appletv just reboots.

The question is, can I play the movie through Sapphire (I’ve been looking, but have not been able to find this out) and what should I do to get it to play the movie?

Thanks for the help

Sapphire Browser is a plug-in designed to take all the hassle out of managing media collections connected to your AppleTV. Sapphire has the ability to identify TV Shows and Movies* simply by looking at the filename. Once identified, Sapphire will download show/movie* information and cover art (from TVRage /IMDB /IMPAwards) turning your stale file list into something worth looking at. Sapphire Browser also has the ability to filter out watched media files from several different directory trees and intuitively display them. Additionally Sapphire allows for marking favorite files that can also be viewed in a filtered menu. Media playback has also been improved allowing the user to fast-forward through shows at a constant (aggregated) rate independent of the file duration.

That is from the Sapphire page on AwkwardTV: http://wiki.awkwardtv.org/wiki/Sapphire From personal experience Sapphire does not work with Video_TS folders. I posted a question on their forum and they told me no. But if you use Sapphire in FrontRow on your Mac Video_TS folders work. I know that is not what you are looking to do though. Sapphire should work with other media files, i.e. avi, mpg, mp4, etc.

I guess then for the time being, I will use File to play DVDs and Sapphire to play everything else.

Thanks for the help.