What Does "Auto Start" Mean"?

In the Maintenance=Settings menu, installed programs can be set to Enabled, Disabled or Auto Start. What is the difference between Auto Start and Enabled? Which setting should be used for browsing with Firefox and under what circumstances? If the application is set to Auto Start, does that mean that it is loaded and active when i open Firefox in the Applications menu? When Tunnelblick is Enabled, what should i expect to see when i click on Tunnelblick in the Applications menu? Do i even need to to do this? At the moment with tunnelblick set to Auto Start, all I get when opening tunnelblick in the Applications menu is a black screen with the Apple logo. I am at my wits end on this VPN business and really need help.

There are 3 options.

Disabled = disabled

Enabled = enabled, will be disabled when AppleTV is restarted.

Auto-start = enabled + automatically enabled when AppleTV is powered on.

Once set to enabled or auto-start, the app will be already running and will not need to be re-launched through the Applications menu.

Thanks for this.

I now have Tunnelblick installed and set on auto-start. I know it is loaded and connected because trying to open the same vpn program on my pc brings up the message that I am already logged-in on another computer. However, it does not appear to working with the Firefox browser on my AppleTV, nor with the generic browser. I check the ip address using ip2location.com and get only my home isp, not the ip server loaded into Tunnelblick. What do I do now?