What do you think of these features?

I have been using aTV Flash for awhile now and I have some features I would like to see.

[list]1. This use to be in the package but it seems to been removed or I just can’t find it anymore. The ability to unmount a hard drive, I have had many issues where the hard drive has lost many files due to the fact I am not able to properly unmount the drive, for now i have been unpluging it to unmount the hard drives… (if this is still available and i just missed it please feel free to call me an idiot and point me in the right direction.)

  1. Adjust the clock… I am tired of seeing the clock 5-6 hours off the set time. I wish there was a way to properly set the clock. (This may be an xbmc issue tho and not aTV Flash)

  2. Pandora radio would be a nice add-on, as well as last.fm.

  3. veoh intigration, like you tube, not sure if their api will allow this tho.

  4. Loading/installing screens for the maintence screen when installing Flip4Mac, Quicktime, Firefox. These 3 do not have a screen to notify a user that the system is working(Quicktime takes forever and even I am not sure if the system crashes or not and I’m a programmer, normal users may freak), the first time i thought i crashed my aTV. The screens seem to come up after the install is finished, scope issue perhaps?

  5. Auto update for aTV Flash! I hope one day this is going to be a feature. I am aware of some concerns and if you would like I could toss some ideas your way about how to prevent people from trying to hack the auto update feature to have updates past their paid subscription.

  6. Integrate the google reader api so users can access their google reader through the aTV. I would love this feature, there are so many extra things that this could open up for the aTV.[/list:u]

For now this is all i can think of, I just want to say fantastic job and I look forward to future updates :smiley:

Those are some good ideas. One thing about the time thing, did you set the time zone in XBMC to your time zone? I think the default time zone is GMT which is eight hours away from the West Coast and thus 5 hours away from the East Coast. I’m not at home right now, but it should be in settings.

Yeah i changed the timezone and its still off, i guess i could just change it to some other tz.

Also i want to report that when you restart the aTV with an external HD it freezes and stays on a black screen, this may be only for a usb hub tho, anyone else having this issue?